Corporate Travel

Travel Command LLC was formed in 2004 as a wholly owned subsidiary and an alternative to the dominant travel management companies occupying the marketplace. We are an entirely organic entity, designed from the outset as a specialty travel management company. Our primary business focus is corporate travel management and accounting solutions.

In today’s global economy, institutions that cannot travel efficiently cannot compete successfully. When Travel Command marshals the resources of our customers, we can provide individual clients with the most globally competitive corporate pricing possible. With Travel command you can reduce your travel budget without compromising your travel strategy.

Travel Command is ideally suited to maximize travel cost savings for our clients. Our firm is constantly sourcing new and innovative cost savings tools. More importantly, Travel command views cost saving tools holistically. We recognize that cost savings strategies are more than programs, they are a mind set.

Our approach includes the following:

  • Corporate Purchase Card Programs
  • Corporate Travel Policy Development and Enforcement
  • Hotel Programs (Mandating rates at, or below, federal per diem)
  • Travel Accounting Support
  • Travel Expense Reporting Tools and Integration
  • Assistance with Negotiated Rate Enrollment & Implementation