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24.06.2009 0

Traveling to the British Isles had been a dream of mine since I was in the fourth grade. Finally, a few years ago, I decided it was time to make that dream come true. I had what seemed like an impossible itinerary in mind, until I talked to the people at Travel Command. With their help and expertise, I left Portland for a fourteen day tour that far exceeded what I had imagined. They arranged my flights and transfers, accommodations, car rentals and even my Brit-Rail and Heritage Passes. I landed in London, where I spent three glorious days seeing the sights I had only read about. I spent a half day at the Tower of London with my Heritage Pass, rode past Big Ben on a double-decker bus, crossed the Tower Bridge and stood awestruck in the center of Westminster Abbey.

I left by rail for a two and a half hour scenic trip to Edinburgh where I stayed within walking distance to the Old-Town and the Royal Mile. My Heritage Pass got me into Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Hollyrood house, the Queen’s residence in Edinburgh. From there I took the train to Glasgow where I picked up my rental car which was waiting for me. I drove off into northern Scotland near Argyle, where I stayed in a privately owned castle on Loch Fyne. Returning to Glasgow, I dropped my car at the airport, then boarded a flight to Dublin, Ireland. In a short time, I was picking up another car for a quick drive to Athboy, where I stayed in a seventeenth century country manor. I spent three days driving the rental car on picturesque Irish country roads, seeing the castle and monastery ruins, ancient burial sites and even Tara the hill of kings.

Finally, I had to board a flight back home. There was supposed to be a transfer from the Amsterdam Airport which presented the only glitch of my trip. Somehow, I missed the flight. Following some confusion, and a little panic on my part, I called Lori at Travel Command. Within a matter of minutes, she had arranged overnight accommodations for me in Amsterdam, and re-scheduled the flight for the following day. Not only was it a relief, thanks to her it was a perfect end to a perfect vacation.

Thanks again Travel Command!

Pat Andrus

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